Exercise for flexible ankles using WODFitters resistance bands

"A strong and flexible ankle is a key to improving performance, balance, and stability, especially for athletes.

Here's a good exercise you can try using only the #wodfittersresistanceband.

Foot Function 101: Ankle MobilityAs promised, here’s a couple exercises you can work on for those tight ankles. ☺️

Banded Knee Drive (left): Secure a mobility band so that it lies right over where your ankle bends.

The band should be securing the top of your foot in place as you drive your knee forward.

Once you feel you can’t go any further without your heel coming up, perform small, oscillating movements in that range.

Repeat turning you knee in then out. Banded Mini Squat with Plate (right): Now that same band is pulling your lower leg forward as you squat.

The plate allows for additional range by putting you into more dorsiflexion.

Sit back into it and keep those oscillations coming! Adequate dorsiflexion isn’t just needed for running.

Squatting, lunging, even just going down stairs requires even more available motion.

Not sure if you want to waste (uh, I mean spend) your time on these exercises? Assess yourself! Check out the last video."



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