Finger Flexor Curls using WODFitters resistance bands

"When you’re pressed for time, it’s tempting to skip warming up and just quickly jump to your routine.

A proper warm-up has real physiological benefits. It prepares our mind and muscles for the active phase and helps the body to recovery efficiently.

Here are some warm-up exercises that promote forearm/open hand grip function while actively prepping large muscle groups in the upper and lower body using #wodfittersresistanceband courtesy of @theclimbclinic・・・


1️⃣ Finger Flexor Curls

2️⃣ Flexor Mobility w/ Front Rack Lunge

3️⃣ Open Hand Inverted Row

4️⃣ Open Hand Deadlift

Modify the intensity of the movements and use as a means to actively warm-up before climbing or use as a way to promote upper and lower body movement/mobility on an active recovery day ✅

Added bonus would be to use BFR with these techniques🔥

Tag a partner that could use an active recovery day or a change up in their warm-up routine 💯"


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