Full-body strength workout Using Wodfitters band by @road2redemton_fit

⚔️Standing over head press 4/12

⚔️Standing upright banded row 4/12

⚔️Standing band lateral raises 4/12

⚔️ Banded Face Pulls 4/12

⚔️ Reverse Flys 4/12

⚔️ Banded archer pulls 4/12 each arm

⚔️ 21’s Banded front raises Half way up 7 , half way down 7, Full 7 3/22 Gyms aren’t open , no gym no problem I been using these bands since March and i can’t lie it’s a whole different experience, I am going to be posting my journey on building my body with resistance bands and body weight. Each band has its own resistance/weight And helps with core control and overall control GETTING RIGHT ON THE ROAD 2 Redemption!!! IMMM BACK! Had to take a mental break and learn more We all need that some times!!


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