HIP exercises courtesy of @theclimbclinic using WODFitters resistance bands

Hips provide the most incredible power and force that the lower body needs to generate to walk, run, jump, and everything else, so it’s vital to keep it strong, healthy, and stable.

Check out these HIP exercises courtesies of @theclimbclinic 🙌🙌
Here is a series of accessory exercises that challenge the strength and stability of the lower body; especially at the hip abductors 🔥⛷🔥
Performing these techniques in standing forces the core and hips to stabilize the lower body to maintain balance while simultaneously generating lateral strength in functional patterns ✅
1️⃣ Pulse
2️⃣ ISO Hold
3️⃣ ISO Hold + Dip
4️⃣ ISO Hold + Hip Flexion
5️⃣ Pulses w/ Hand Assist
These techniques can be valuable to actively load or “prime” the hips for lower body activity (such as running, lifting, or skiing) as well as improve the strength and coordination of the hips, knees, ankles, and core 🙌
Tag a partner to dial in their hip strength + stability 💯

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