Double banded hip thrusters with legs Glutes conditioning using WODFitters resistance bands

Lauren is a Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach.

She believes that every woman deserves to feel good about themselves regardless of their life stages.

Thank you @heartworkfitnessbylo for having #wodfittersband a part of this beautiful journey. ❤️

Check out her Instagram for lots of great pregnancy and postnatal physical exercises.🤰 💪💃

Deadlifting is mentally and physically taxing, so we put it into the "no pain, no gain" category. If you're looking for deadlifts variations, @heartworkfitnessbylo got you! Visit her page to see more. 🔥 💪🏻

"Get all that lower muscles workin’ @heartworkfitnessbylo 👌💯

Whew 😅 Lower Body Conditioning, Legs & Booty will be on 4 rounds 25 double band hip thrusters 20 kettlebell swings 15 box jumps

Try it as a leg day finisher OR a stand alone workout"

WODFitters resistance bands grow your muscles and tone them at the same time.

WODFitters resistance bands improve the quality of your exercises.

WODFitters resistance bands help to focus your control.

WODFitters resistance bands recruit your stabilizing muscles.

WODFitters resistance bands are fundamental for functional training.

They are ideal to develop muscle memory and get you to do those kipping pull ups and strict pull ups in no time.


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