Lower Body workout by @coachkait_ using WODFitters Resistance Bands

Epic results start with SETS and REPS. .😎🔥 .

Here’s @coachkait_ Lower Body - Resistance Bands Only.

Kicking off the week with yet another leg day -- one that can be done at home OR at the gym.

You can replace the resistance bands with dumbbells if needed. You’ll definitely need to save this for the future (just in case)!🙏🏼🤫 ◾️

Front Squats [4x10-15] SUPERSET:

◾️ Sumo Squats [4x10-15]

◾️ Sumo Deadlifts [4x10-15]

◾️ Banded Glute Bridge [5x10-20]

Hope you enjoy it if you give it a go! _________

Outfit: @ptulaactive

Headband: @junkbrands

Bands: @wodfitters

- use the link in my bio if you need some resistance bands for your home gym! Fueled by @pescience . . .


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