Pull up band Attachments

Hey guys what is up it is Sydney Cummings here and I'm so excited to show you guys for a very first time pull up band attachments.

I promise you yesterday, I would give you some exercises to use these pull-up band attachments.
I've got all three here with three different strengths of the pull-up bands. so when you log on when you come on this line say they tell me where you're from I just want to know that you guys are here. I've got some super cool exciting exercises.

The first one we're gonna do it with my favourite attachment the rubber coated hand grips. they clip onto your band so I'll show you how to
clip those on super easy. Alright, let me take one of them off here so they've got the clip just gonna open it slide the band on and then they're clipped on. So first exercise, the exercise that I've been using these the most with is just a high row so good activation for your shoulders for your back muscles. you're gonna have a nice wide stance here.

Alright, bones are gonna be facing your body and you're gonna drive your elbows up. It is engaging your rear delts and gazing. you're engaging your anterior delts and then straightening up the spine making sure the core is tight so, you're not hyperextending keeping a straight posture and if you want to drop one of those down you get a short address in here see if I can do this with this drink yeah there we go. so just a half lunge position I'm gonna drive your palm up to the ceiling and then of course if you need to drop down to a lower strength they come off super easy

I'm just gonna pull the straps open up the clip and then just slide it right
off. so great exercise to use for the handgrips.

Second attachments, we have the wrist and ankle attachments.
they're velcro as you can hear. they go around your wrist or your ankles velcro around and I've got them clipped on to our black band black titanium band same thing as the rubber coated hand grips. They just clip you're gonna open it up.it's right on there.
I'm gonna these two my ankles show you guys a couple of really great glute activation exercises just velcro's right around your ankles and the first one.

I'm gonna do is be a standing exercise. I'm gonna hold my band right at my chest driving my heels away from my body. I'm gonna do a lateral glute raise or hip abduction driving my heels out to the side from the side here heels are driving to the ceiling keeping a core nice and tight torsos tall elbows are a leap or let up into the air and try not to swivel too much just keep a nice tall posture.

The second one I'm gonna come down into my mat for this. because this is an at-home attachment set so just letting you know you don't have to be at
the gym to use these to my back. so activating the glutes challenging the core as well driving my heel up to the ceiling and then if you want to isolate that with just one leg at a time keep your hands right on the band and then lift that back leg. maybe an activation exercise for the deadlift or squats lunges you're about to do we're just a really great exercise for you but.

you're trying to isolate get a little more sculpting in there. so take these off the limitless number of exercises. you can do with the ankle straps for your glutes and then the last one I'm gonna turn you guys around here is gonna be the door attachment I'm already out of breath this is too soon.
the door attachment has the foam circle big loop on the end for you to shoot your pull-up band through whatever strength you would like.

I'm gonna go with the lighter strength same way that you attach it to the rigour to your pull-up bars. I'm just going to loop it through pull it tight and then you're gonna throw this part over the door so this foam part is outside the door this is the part that is exposed to you with the pull-up band. throw a mine up in the door here. make sure it's tight shut the door and then you've got so many exercises you can do we'll do some tricep extensions and glue your elbows to your ribs pulling that binge straight down to your thighs then you can turn that down. reverse it same thing overhead tricep extensions they're going forward. can you bet throw a little cardio in there put it right on your hips do some babe it high knees okay to get you worked up obviously that will be probably with a thicker van for a little more resistance and you straight arm woodchopper with some core rotations we go here keeping your arms straight up front you're going to rotate your hips to the side keeping your core nice and tight and then you can also, of course, do some bicep curls stepping it back pulling right to your face that band is not going to move and then also, of course, you can attach your additional attachments to the door band.

If I take a hand grip to throw it onto that one I can do the same type of thing may be a chest press here pushing away coming right back alright so the options are limitless as you can see that. they're so favourite thing, of course, it's just the versatility if you go home. If you go to a hotel where you don't have the same equipment at their hotel gym as you normally are used to grabbing your bands grab the attachments and make up a workout with upper body with lower body and with core exercises okay limitless opportunities wrist strap ankle straps tons of glute work tons of ab work hand grips limitless again you can do triceps biceps shoulders lateral gluten abductions so many opportunities and then the hotel door the door attachment is obviously great for hotels.

I'm just throwing it over the door get some tricep working get some cardio in with your high knees with your bands over your hips so I'll put the link in the bio or in the description caption in the comments below for these attachments they are amazing and like. I said versatile that's my favourite part so you don't have to be at the gym to get a great workout with these pull-up bands.

let me know in the comments below do you use any of these attachments what are your favourite exercises with the bands and if you leave a comment you will be entered into our contest to win the mobility WOD package okay that's a foam roller. that's a package of these bands and then of course the lacrosse balls for a trigger targeting for very fine tuning for those knots in your back or in your hips lower back upper back great mobility package so comment below it will be entered in to win that mobility package if, you scroll down in the feed on our page here and you see the mobility package giveaway make sure you share that post so you can be entered again it's a great package guy and most of all thank you for tuning in to be explaining some great exercises using our pull-up band attachments don't have to be at the gym to get a great workout and with these pull-up bands

Thanks for tuning in you guys. have a great day leave me a comment below what did you think to see you later.



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