Pull-ups by @impactptbanks using WODFitters resistance bands

"Don’t be afraid to start over again.

You can do it, and you will do it better this time. #assistancepullups . @impactptbanks

Ever wanted to be able to do that pull-up again? 💪🏻

Pull-up assistance bands are a great way to start up again.

They come in different resistances so it is a nice way to wean down the band assistance as you get stronger.

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The WODFitters bands are perfect for athletes learning pull ups, chin ups, ring dips and muscle ups.

WODFitters resistance band improve the quality of your exercises, and help to focus your control.

It recruits your stabilizing muscles, and is fundamental for functional training.

WODFitters resistance bands grow your muscles and tone them at the same time.

WODFitters resistance bands improve the quality of your exercises.

WODFitters resistance bands help to focus your control.

WODFitters resistance bands recruit your stabilizing muscles.


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