Pull-ups using WODFitters resistance bands

"The WODFitters bands are perfect for athletes learning pull ups, chin ups, ring dips and muscle ups.

They are ideal to develop muscle memory and get you to do those kipping pull ups and strict pull ups in no time.

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Trust your body- it can handle more. #chinups using #wodfittersresistanceband . @heartworkfitnessbylo 💯🔥👊 ・・・ •How to Build Strength to do a Pull Up/Chin Up• Build strength to do a pull up/chin up using one or all of these modifications. Consistency & Frequency is key. If doing a pull up is your goal, aim to perform one or a combination of these modifications 2-3 times a week at the beginning of your workout (after warm up) so you are not fatigued yet. *pick only one per workout session* I demo’d here what they look like with chin up grip/underhand grip, all of these can be performed as pull up/overhand grip. ECCENTRIC CHIN UP- 3 sets of 1-5 reps BANDED ECCENTRIC CHIN UP- 3 sets of 1-5 reps BANDED CHIN UPS- 3 sets of max reps (form needs to stay a priority, do not compromise form to add reps) Tag me in your pull up practice! Yes you CAN do them, consistency/frequency. WODFitters resistance band improve the quality of your exercises, and help to focus your control. It recruits your stabilizing muscles, and is fundamental for functional training. The WODFitters resistance band is a great alternative to machines, they are lightweight, and perfectly designed for compound exercises to have control over the angle.