Straight Leg Raise Exercise

Here’s for your lower body, back extensors, and core🔥 .

HEEL HOOK // STRENGTH + STABILITY 👠by @theclimbclinic . .

Here is a series of at-home heel hook techniques that functionally challenges the strength and stability of not only the hamstrings, but the overall lower body, back extensors, and core🔥 . .


1️⃣ + Straight Leg Raise (SLR)

2️⃣ + Resistive Hip Flexion

3️⃣ + Single-Leg Glute Bridge

4️⃣ + Double-Leg Glute Bridge . .

Explore the different techniques (static/dynamic), hamstring lengths (knee more bent/straight), and even hip rotation (ER/IR) to dial in specific demands that best fits your rehab, strength training, or heel hook climbing project ✅

. .

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