Strengthening muscles to support joints using WODFitters resistance bands

Achy joints? This might help!
Thank you @28unlocked for sharing! ・・・◀️Get Banded! ▶️
As much I love weighted circuits, sometimes throwing in some banded moves help me to slow the movements and contract muscles more thoughtfully!
SAVE and give these a go for a full body burn.
🔥 Train Like A Woman Tip 🔥
Have you noticed your joints are more achy certain times more than others?
Low estrogen could be the cause! Estrogen is lowest just before and during your period. It’s also low during menopause.
Combat this pain by:
Doing low impact exercise like banded work
✅ Omega 3/Flax seed
✅ Glucosamine Chondroitin (comes vegan too)
✅ Strengthening muscles to support joints especially during high estrogen periods
Bands: @wodfitters
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