The Best Band Exercises Women can do for Legs & Glutes

Our legs and glutes play host to some the most important muscles in our entire bodies. As a matter of fact, the butt, aka the gluteus maximus, is actually the largest muscle we have.

Our rear ends and legs are put to work every time we walk, run, or simply get out of a chair, which means the average person is utilizing these muscles hundreds of times a day.

The benefits of a strong lower body include improved mobility and balance, as well as producing stronger knees and ankle joints.

Of course, having a firm butt and toned legs is a nice perk too!

Beginners and workout veterans alike will find WODFitters Bandelicious Women’s Hip Circles resistance band set to be one of the most convenient and effective ways to work out their lower half.

In order to help you discover some of the best exercises to perform with this band set, we consulted with NASM certified personal trainer Ariel Hendricks. Ariel is a fitness nutrition specialist from Upstate New York and has been in the business of getting people fit for almost seven years now.

1. Standard Band Squat

Benefits: strengthens your glutes and legs. Doing them with bands will increase resistance and help you stay in proper form.

2. Donkey Kicks

Benefits: targets the glutes to help strengthen and tone your buttocks. Also works your abs and lower back.

3. Modified Band Squat

4. Glute Bridge Variation

Benefits: Utilizes the hamstrings, lower back, abs, in addition to the glutes. A great exercise as well for people who are physically unable to perform squats.  

5. Glute Bridge Variation with Stool

 See exercise four.

The WODFitters Bandelicious Women’s Hip Circles resistance band set can be purchased here.

Special thanks to Ariel Hendricks for sharing her fitness expertise with us. You can find out more about her Super FIIT X program at her website.

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