WODFitters Balance Board Core Exercises

Here are some core exercises for this week using our WODFitters Balance Board. I've got five exercises for you.

1. First one is a regular forearm plank. We're gonna just tap the elbows right on top of this WODFitters Balance Board keeping that core tight.

2. The next one you're going to go up onto your palms for a high plank making sure the palms of your hands are right in the middle of the board.

3. We can switch it up with a knee to elbow get a little side crunch for those obliques all right.

4. We can go into a more high intense movement plank jacks again keeping that core tight.

5. Last one we're going to do kick through so kick them through with your opposite leg to the opposite side keeping the core tight throughout.

Try these exercises this week and really strengthen your core and challenge your ab muscles with the new exercises.



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