WODFitters Mini Bands Set

I've got four really great exercises for you to warm up your glutes before a squat or a deadlift.

1. First one, we're going to go into a glute hamstring bridge. I've got my WODFitters Mini Bands on I'm going to go an outward pulse. Notice the lateral part of my glutes working.

2. Right from here we're going to go into an extension sink down and extends.

3. Third one, we're actually going to flip it over so your feet aren't on the bench the outsides of your foot are going to be on the bench soles of your feet together and you're going to go up into a frog hip extension. Looks a little strange but I can promise you that you'll feel it all right.

4. The very last one, we're going stand up hands are going go in the bench and you're going to go for a straight leg kick back alternating sides two on the left two on the right.

Make sure you get that mind-muscle connection going get really activate those glutes.



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