WODFitters Resistance Bands for free squat Exercise

@theintuitiveyogi . . Since age 16 I have struggled with anorexia, exercise addiction, supplement abuse and addiction, and body dysmpophia. I turned 31 on Sunday and I honestly at one point never thought I’d even live past my 18th birthday with how sick I was and how severe my eating and exercise disorder was. Now, 13 years later, I am finally learning balance, how to exercise without injuring myself, how to be more flexible with my food choices, and to love and accept whatever I may or may not see in the mirror. I’m not looking for praise or compliments. I’m hoping that even just one person who sees this and is struggling with these same issues knows that a ‘normal’ life IS possible. I should be dead. But I am still here. And I’ve got A LOT left to accompish. I am so grateful for Wodfitters and their quality home gym and training products that allow me to get in a good workout in the comfort and privacy of my own home so I don’t have to be in a gym setting where I feel compelled to do too much or go too heavy. I am enjoying RE learning what exercise truly is and what it means to feel good instead of beating myself up every time I go to the gym. These products have made training enjoyable again..! 💓👁💓


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