WODFitters T-PIN foam roller

When it comes to recovery, never settle for less just because it's available. YOU DESERVE THE BEST!

Trust the expert ✨💯

GET your T-PIN foam roller today, still available at 50% OFF 😍

“Hurt-so-good... love-hate...” blah blah blah blah!! •

To all those oddly, proudly sadomasochistic rolling fans out there: It’s NOT supposed to hurt like that!!!

We’ve solved that silliness with a smarter roller that FEELS GOOD, and DOES MORE. Our Vector and Wave rollers work WITH your body to help you move better, and with less pain. Stop the silliness. Stop the mindless “mash-sesh” and find your Vector... catch your Wave. You will finally have a LOVE—LOVE relationship with rolling AND your body again. 💪🎯


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