WODFitters Tube Band Exercises

I've got a really great core workout for you using your WODFitters Band.

I'm going to anchor it around a low point on the pole and have a seat in front of it.

1. First one, I'm going to go with one handed grip, so we're locking those bands in we've got straight arm sit-ups. Arms are over your head and I'm going to sit straight up.

2. Second one, we're going to scoot out a little bit more and go for a one-armed jackknife. you're going to punch across your body. So right arm goes to opposite left to right.

3. Third one, we're going to go up and over your body like a Russian twist.

4. Last one, you're holding that band up overhead going for bicycles.

Try these three sets of 15 each for your core workout.



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