Workout by @28unlocked using WODFitters resistance bands


Unlock your core power with @28unlocked ’ 💪👊💯🔥

Fire up the core with bands! 🔥

I love adding weight or bands to ab moves because they help to:

✅ increase core engagement (much needed after 2 kids!)

✅ helps with proper form by drawing the back flush to the floor avoiding an arched back SAVE 📌

TAG and try this series. 20 reps each, 3 rounds.

🔥Train like a Woman Tip

🔥Are you stressed?

🤯 Cortisol (the stress hormone) increases abdominal fat.

The keys to lowering cortisol are:

1️⃣ Keep glucose stable (regular meals ever 4 hours, eat 20G protein within 1 hour of waking, no late night snacks and smaller and smaller meals as day goes on

2️⃣ Exercise, meditation and an anti-inflammatory diet all help to reduce levels too.

3️⃣ Adaptogen supplement such as Rhodiola and Ashwaganda. If you feel the need for anti-anxiety meds, this might just help you get off of it or need less of it!

DIASTASIS RECTI: Got a mommy pouch? You’re not alone! Up to 60% of women postpartum will have DR (separation in abdominal wall). ⠀

✅Avoid flexion/extension exercises like sit-ups and crunches while trying to repair DR.

Reverse crunches are safe since you are not lifting head and shoulders ⠀

✅ Focus in deep breathing while contracting abs and do exercises like these which are all DR safe!

. . Bands: @cactiperformance and @wodfitters

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