Workout using WODFitters resistance bands by @bodybycain

"Powerful rotation is a key athletic quality for many sports.

Here are some exercises to improve one's quickness and efficiency using #wodfittersresistanceband courtesy of @bodybycain 💯🙌

check ’em out!・・・

Increase athleticism through these anti rotation exercises.

As athletes we are expected to perform various Lateral/Vertical/Horizontal movements both linear and change of direction at the drop of a dime.

So question is. How do you train to make sure you are performing at your most optimal athletic ability?

There are various ways to accomplish this, different methods and phases. However here are a few anti-rotation exercises that help bulletproof your core and aids in turning quickness and efficiency.

These moves are banned landmine rotations, banded landmine jammer, and banded hip adductions.

Hope you guys enjoyed this! Crush the Day!"


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