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Yoga Bands For Knee Ankle Mobility

We're going to work on your lower body mobility today just to make sure that those lifts with your lower body stay injury-free

1. First one, we're going to work on is your ankle mobility. Going to go with a plantar flexion and dorsiflexion exercise first elevate in that leg we're going to point and flex your toe.

2. The second one, we're going to go with an internal and external rotation of your ankle we're going to go out to the side and then back in. Alright, the same thing goes for the opposite foot we're going to go for that internal rotation.

3. Last one, we're going to take off of your anchor point and we're gonna go for some quad activation before you start with things like squats or lunges you're going to leap that band right around your toe and you're gonna flip over onto your stomach pulling that band over your shoulder just stretch that quad make sure you squeeze nice and tight.

Try those before your lower body workout this week to make sure everything is in the good range of motion and warmed up.