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THE MIGHTY Massage Gun - The Ultimate Recovery Tool

THE MIGHTY Massage Gun - The Ultimate Recovery Tool

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Revolutionary Technology.

Military Grade Construction. 

More Power.

USB-C Charging.

11 Hour Battery Life. 

Portable with a Carrying Case.


- 4 Speeds - 1800rpm-3200rpm

- 4 Different Massage Heads

- Extremely long 11 hour battery life.

- Extremely Durable - Made of aircraft grade aluminum.

- Fast Charging with USB-C - you can charge on the go even from a power bank.


Our new Massage Gun is extremely powerful with an enduring 11-hour battery. We just call it "THE MIGHTY."

Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, this beauty is charged via USB to deliver deep tissue massages even on the go. Drop it in the carrying bag and take it with you for pre-workout, during a challenging workout, or after when you need to relieve muscle pains and fatigue. 

The Mighty works as vibration therapy, sending rapid bursts of pressure into your muscle tissue.  With a mini massage gun it is easy to target specific areas of your body. As it increases blood flow to your muscles it reduces inflammation and tension eliminating those knots that can slow you down and give you the blues.  The Mighty helps your muscles to relax after a challenging cross training workout or those heavy cycling classes.  Lifting weights?  Need something to help your runner’s knee? Or just looking for relief for achy feet, The Mighty has you covered.     

It's so powerful, we just call it THE MIGHTY. 

Get yours today! 

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