WODFitters Core Workout Sliders

I'm going to show you three lunge variations today using our WodFitters Core Sliders.

1. We're going to start with both toes on your sliders and you keep your front foot relaxed up top I'm reaching that back foot backwards for reverse lunges make sure your core stays tight and drive down your front leg as you stand right.

2. Second one we're going to remove one foot I'm going to go lunges to the back, pick these one at a time let's go ten on the right and ten on the left here.

3. Last one, we're going to do a lunge pulse. So your back foot is going to go back into a lunge drive that knee up and right make sure your weight stays in your front heel and you work your arms as your legs come up and back. Let's do one minute each of your lunges and time itself thirty seconds per side.



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