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$13.99 USD $29.99 USD

WODFitters Mini Bands Set - 4 Exercise and Workout Resistance Bands for Muscle Activation, Arms and Legs

$13.99 USD $29.99 USD

SUPER STRONG BANDS: Designed for durability, these loop bands will NOT lose their shape or elasticity, no matter how hard you stretch them! The #1 choice among trainers and serious athletes, these bands are essential for strength training workouts... Read More

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Resistance Bands – WODFitters Exercise Band Sets

Shop our wide collection of WODFitters resistance bands and exercise band sets. Here you will find every type of exercise band we carry and the various sets in which they come.

A whole world of different exercises becomes available to you when you purchase one of our exercise band sets. From compound movements to isolation exercises, you will be able to focus on almost any muscle you choose. In addition to their usefulness in a home gym or as portable equipment while traveling, our WODFitters fitness bands are perfect for physical rehabilitation as well.

Our resistance bands will make great additions to your personal fitness equipment collection, so shop our inventory today!