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Leather Wrist Support Hand Grips

Leather Wrist Support Hand Grips

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  • PROTECT YOUR HANDS & PALMS: These hand grips save you from scratches, cuts, painful blisters and calluses that would prevent you from executing all workout routines and exercises with maximum precision! No matter what your fitness level, you can now avoid the development of permanent hand damage.

  • SAFE WRIST SUPPORT: No arm spot is more delicate than wrists. Bearing the brunt of exercise stress, improperly supported wrists lead to the development of recurring tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and crippling, radiating wrist pain. WODFitters’ hand grips provide optimum wrist support that will help prevent permanent wrist exercise-related damage that would keep you on the bench.

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY LEATHER GRIPS: Made from high quality leather, these durable grips will be your perfect exercise companion, for many years to come! Both exceptionally easy to wear and take off, they are fully adjustable, thanks to their Velcro closure. They are provide unparalleled comfort, so much so that you’re going to want to buy a pair for your gym bag and a spare for your locker.

  • POWERFUL GRIP, FOR ALL TYPES OF EXERCISE: Regardless of what your favorite fitness routine is, you will greatly benefit from wearing these gloves & enhancing your grip for optimum performance efficiency. Ideal for weightlifting, cross training, all kinds of bar exercises – kettlebell, barbell, gymnastics, parallel bars – these straps provide the most perfect comfortable grip, without, in anyway, minimizing workout tension.

  • SATISFACTION OR BUST: WODFitters will promptly refund your purchase or replace your grips pair, in the unlikely event our product does not meet or exceed your expectations. Grab Your Own Grips Risk-Free & Enjoy Safe, Productive Exercising, Like You’ve Never Had Before!
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