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The Revolutionary WOD PRO Elite Bar Replaces your Barbells and Dumbbells - Made in the USA

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Bring barbell and dumbbell training home with the Revolutionary WOD PRO Elite. 

Our patent pending bar allows you to perform all barbell and dumbbell exercises you are used to with bands!

Constantly varied resistance let's you train even harder than traditional weights without putting a strain on your joints. 

The WOD Pro Elite bar is a one of a kind fitness tool - it is 36" long and comes with a built-in, detachable handle set.

It allows you to attach any resistance band for barbell workouts like cleans, jerks, thrusters, deadlifts and other traditional lifts. No carabiner needed, just hook the bands over the handles and they are ready to go! Makes it super easy to switch bands and accommodates even the thickest bands!

Our unique design comes with detachable handles that lets you use bands for all traditional dumbbell and machine exercises like bicep curls, tricep extensions. Just pull out the handles of the bar and you are ready to go! 

The WOD PRO Elite is all you need to have a full home gym saving you space and money!

The best part, it is made of steel right here in the USA!

  • Made of steel in the USA
  • 36 in. long assembled
  • Stainless steel powder coated bar with detachable handles
  • Powered by Stroops USA