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The Revolutionary WOD PRO Elite Bar Replaces Barbells and Dumbbells - Made in the USA

The Revolutionary WOD PRO Elite Bar Replaces Barbells and Dumbbells - Made in the USA

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Revolutionize Your Home Workouts with WOD PRO Elite

Introducing the groundbreaking WOD PRO Elite, a game-changing fitness innovation that brings the versatility of barbell and dumbbell training right into your home. This patent-pending bar redefines the way you experience resistance training, offering a revolutionary approach to elevating your fitness routine.

Experience Unmatched Benefits:

  1. All-in-One Training Solution: WOD PRO Elite combines the power of barbell and dumbbell exercises with the flexibility of resistance bands. This revolutionary design lets you perform traditional lifts, cleans, jerks, thrusters, deadlifts, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and more – all with the added challenge of constant varied resistance.

  2. Gentle on Joints: Traditional weights can sometimes strain your joints. With WOD PRO Elite, the dynamic resistance of bands allows you to train even harder without compromising joint health. It's an opportunity to push your limits without unnecessary stress on your body.

  3. Ultimate Portability: The 36" long WOD PRO Elite bar boasts a compact design, making it an ideal home gym solution that saves space and eliminates the need for multiple bulky equipment pieces. Enjoy a full-body workout with just one versatile tool.

  4. Effortless Band Attachment: Embrace the convenience of our built-in, detachable handle set. No more carabiners or complicated setups. Simply hook your resistance bands over the handles, and you're ready to tackle your routine. The bar accommodates even the thickest bands, ensuring a seamless transition between exercises.

Product Features:

  • Innovative Design: WOD PRO Elite's patent-pending design merges the benefits of barbell and dumbbell training with resistance bands, offering a comprehensive workout solution.
  • Quick Band Switching: Switch between bands effortlessly, adapting the intensity of your workouts on the fly for progressive challenge.
  • Made in the USA: Crafted from steel right here in the USA, the WOD PRO Elite bar guarantees durability and quality.
  • Detachable Handles: The stainless steel powder-coated bar comes with detachable handles, transforming your resistance band workout into a diverse and effective session.

Elevate Your Home Workouts Today!

Upgrade your fitness regimen with the groundbreaking WOD PRO Elite and redefine the way you experience resistance training. Embrace innovation, space-saving design, and unparalleled versatility. Order now and unlock a new level of performance in the comfort of your own home.


The best part, it is made of steel right here in the USA!

  • Made of steel in the USA
  • 36 in. long assembled
  • Stainless steel powder coated bar with detachable handles
  • Powered by Stroops USA

*Ships with UPS in 1-2 weeks from Utah

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