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WODFitters USA Made Recovery Shower Steamer Tabs with Intelligent Dosing Technology - Mint & Eucalyptus

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Recovery as EASY as Getting in your SHOWER

We tested a lot of different ingredients every day after over 300 workouts until...

We discovered the perfect combo of 3 "Magic" must haves. The WODFitters Recovery Shower Tabs give you Energy, Motivation, and EXACTLY what your body (and brain) needs after a tough workout.

The Mint, the Eucalyptus and the Baking Soda in these innovative shower tabs helps you recover and refresh even after the toughest workouts. Our Intelligent Dosing Technology makes sure that the ingredients are activated throughout your shower providing long lasting relief and refreshment. 

The shower tabs are also perfect to give that extra boost to start your day right! Just pop it into your shower and enjoy the invigorating aromatherapy that refreshes and soothes not only your muscles but your soul as well!

For less than the price of a fancy coffee, you can treat yourself to a homemade "spa" experience like no other every day. 

To make sure you never run out, check out our subscription options as well.  

Made in USA!!!